Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered is next on my list to read.

The Camp Of The Saints

…We must meet a vicious and distempered energy with a manly and rational vigor….

I am currently reading Russell Kirk’s wonderful short biography Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered. I highly recommend it as an introduction to the man considered the first of the modern conservatives and his philosophy.

After reading the following passage, from Mr. Burke’s Remarks On The Policy Of The Allies [1793] regarding how the allied nations should deal with Revolutionary France, it occurred to me that his advice applies to those of us who are fighting to restore our freedoms and liberties:

In all that we do, whether in the struggle or after it, it is necessary that we should constantly have in our eye the nature and character of the enemy we have to contend with. The Jacobin Revolution is carried on by men of no rank, of no consideration, of wild, savage minds, full…

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