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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr. ~wind turbine

A sordid story of wind energy in Rhode Island. This is very representative of what is going on everywhere. Watch this video carefully!

Reports about greed energy economics:

Very significant: How AWEA’s Job Claims are Bogus.

More evidence of extra costs required by wind energy.

Phony wind prices harming nuclear industry.

NREL — secret “lab” wasting your money.

Germany’s Unaffordable Wind Energy.

Germany’s “Green revolution” may cost Taxpayers well over $1 Trillion.

Sequester is a Manufactured Crisis.

Sequestration might hamper development of unreliables.

Sequestration results in 8.7% cut in wind 1603 grants.

More good commentary re sequestration and energy impacts.

Wind project’s $30 million in subsidies to be reviewed.

Despite high wind development, Texas has had a net loss in green jobs since 2010!

Ontario may “solve” wind’s intermittency with a Battery Five Times the Size…

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