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Jane Bwye

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BREATH OF AFRICA, dedicated to the people of Kenya, is a novel by Jane Bwye, retired businesswoman and intermittent freelance journalist who lived over half a century in Africa.

The 2013 Kenya elections took place without much-feared violence and reprisals, and the country moves on in hope.

This hope is epitomised in the book, which means different things to different people; it can be read as

  • a love story,
  • a psychological thriller,
  • or more deeply as an exploration into the interactions of people of different races.
  • Superstition and Christian faith clash.
  • And the stunning beauty of the country is a major character in itself.

It traces the stories of Caroline, a privileged woman from the highlands, and Charles Ondiek, a farm labourer with dreams of Oxford. A drama of psychological terror is fuelled by Mau Mau oath administrator, Mwangi, but against the backdrop of Kenya’s beautiful…

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    Thankyou so much for this re-blog!

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