Joe’s right, as usual.

The Rio Norte Line

Are you one of those who scoffed at Glenn Beck when he started urging people to buy gold and prepare for a possible social/economic collapse?  Did you laugh when Beck started asking people to store 1-2 weeks of food and to keep 30 days worth of cash on hand in their homes?  Well, I wonder, do you think the people of Cyprus are scoffing at the idea of preparing for an interruption to their daily lives?

Cyprus Banks To Remain Closed Until Next Week As Nation Seeks Russian Rescue

At least in Cyprus, this counts as another feather in the “Glenn Beck warned us” cap.

Now, if you think this won’t or can’t happen here, I’m fairly sure you are wrong.  My post about the Fed stealing from us is a strong indication that we will soon follow Europe.  We will suffer the same pains, and the people we are…

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