Joe’s rant is epic. And sparkling in its truth.

The Rio Norte Line

I can’t help it: I’m feeling especially ‘snarky’ today, but that’s no reason not to declare and celebrate “National Pick on an Idiot Day.”  So, if this offends you, at least I was honest enough to admit it and warn you beforehand.  Now, I’m calling dibs on our resident commie idiot, Karl.

Karl has told us there is no such thing as free will.  Everything we do is just a react to outside stimuli.  However, there can’t be any rhyme or reason to how we react to these outside stimuli because Karl has also told us that there is no such thing as natural law.  Well, no, not quite: Karl does allow for natural laws over inanimate objects such as the laws of gravity and motion.  He just doesn’t believe in any sort of natural law that governs human behavior.  I suppose this is why he says there is no…

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