The Camp Of The Saints

-In my post yesterday, Poove And Marriage, I decided not to address the arguments before the Supreme Court on California’s Proposition 8 until I had listened to and read the analysis of people I respect, like Mark Levin and Ed Whelan, and had spent sufficent time in contemplation of the issues involved.

I believe Mark Levin is right in his opinion that this is not a matter that concerns the Federal Government and, therefore, the SCOTUS should vacate the decisions of the Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals and of the U.S. District Court [ie: all of the decisions made by the courts of the Federal government].

The national government is not allowed to interfere in such matters as marriage and abortion; they are are not among the enumerated powers granted by The Constitution. As Mr. Levin emphatically stated on his radio show last night: ‘No federal jurisdiction –…

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