Amen to this.

The Camp Of The Saints

Jeff Goldstein is dead solid perfect:

Rick Moran is wrong:  we TEA Party-types aren’t running out of people to purge.  Our problem, as constitutionalists, is that we continue to pretend (or perhaps hope is a better term) that the Big Tent the establishment GOP pushes in any way benefits us.  It doesn’t.  All it does is invite the statists into our ranks, where they cross the aisle to work with Democrats, passing legislation we don’t want in “our” name.

Free yourselves.  We may go down as a result, but at least we’ll share no culpability for the wreckage.  And at the end of the day, that’s something, at least.


Those who rose up against King George certainly hoped that large numbers of their fellow Americans would join their cause, but they never thought about compromising their beliefs in order to win over those Colonists.

As it turned out…

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