This is absolutely SPOT ON.

by Jim Krager from “Credibly Connect

Thanks to a mentor . . Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds . . .

The insecurity of self-employment can generate a far more resilient life and mindset. There are all sorts of “10 best companies to work for” lists, but I’ve assembled a slightly broader list: The Ten Best Employers To Work For. Without further ado, let’s go to number 1: 1. Yourself Surprised? Expecting Google or Zappos? The National Security Agency? Nope, not even close. It’s you–yes, you, Bucko. You’re the best employer to work for.

OK, on to the rest of the list: 2. Yourself 3. Yourself 4. Yourself 5. Yourself 6. Yourself 7. Yourself 8. Yourself 9. Yourself 10. Yourself

Aren’t you glad I didn’t make this a “100 best employers” list? Before you start nitpicking the list: yes, there is only one of you, so the list…

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