This is classic.

The Rio Norte Line

This post was originally one of the very first on this site, posted the day the blog was birthed in January of 2011. I thought it relevant to bring it forward as it has bearing on our current discussions and the upcoming election.

The liberal contingent in America holds itself up to be the best and brightest, the most compassionate and the rightful rulers of the unwashed masses. They offer universal health care, elimination of economic fluctuation via government regulation over industry (everybody just knows that capitalism and free markets product uncontrolled boom and bust cycles, don’t they?), massive entitlement programs and Keynesian spending under the guise of “promoting the general welfare” and promote the idea that they can legislate with impunity. To them, principles are situational and are for suckers and stodgy old conservatives. They view the Constitution of the United States as a “living document” that can be…

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