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When I was doing my research I ran across the term “country class”. I like it. It’s not wholly accurate – some of the class lives in cities, but it reminds me of the wisdom of my farming grandparents. It’s a less polarizing term than “tea party” and less work to explain. We could just as easily call these folks “the common class”. At one time, they were characterized the “silent majority”. Who are they?

America’s country class is problematically and gloriously heterogeneous. It has no privileged podiums, and speaks with many, often cacophonous voices. Its core value is the desire to be rid of rulers it regards as inept and arrogant. Practically, it defines itself in reaction against the rulers’ defining ideas and proclivities such as ever increasing taxes and expanding government, subsidizing political favorites, social engineering, approval of abortion, etc. Many want to restore a way of life…

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