Two essays, two reactions, two very different Americas

People see what they want to see.


On March 24th I made a major leap forward; an essay I wrote was published in the Austin American Statesman. The essay was my assertion that veterans aren’t victims; we chose military service as free men and women, and don’t need anyone’s pity. It was fairly well received. A handful of readers have commented on the newspaper’s web site, some in agreement and some in disagreement. You can read my essay here:

Unbeknownst to me, on that same day another Iraq veteran published an essay in the Statesman. His essay is about the horrible mental trauma and guilt he suffers as a result of his abusive, criminal actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. He uses the word “monster” to describe himself. He admits to bullying children, damaging property, assaulting adults, and in his comments even alludes to seeing “rampant murders” of civilians: “Was there also rampant abuse, murder, and mistreatment…

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