Whatever Happened to Integrity?

Recently, much has been made of the lack of leadership displayed by the president. Much was made of his inexperience in executive management, but after four years in office, he ought to be more skilled than he appears. “The supreme quality for leadership is uncontestably integrity.” (Dwight Eisenhower). President Obama and much of the ruling class are bereft of that quality.


Every society throughout history has formed some system of governance. Like all living creatures, humans innately desire to survive and prosper. Some people prefer the path of least resistance and welcome a central authority that does much of the thinking for them. Others have a need to conquer or maintain control over their fellow man. Thus, a ruling class is born. Great nations have, throughout history, taken this to extremes and usually burned themselves into ashes because human individuals are greedy and lust for power.

The antidote for human avarice and megalomania is a set of morals and corresponding ethical rules, originally espoused millennia ago within a religious context, but meant to offer guidance in the dealings of society, to provide boundaries for the ruling class as it deals with the governed and as it deals within its own ranks.

The framers of the US Constitution were remarkably astute about…

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