Newtown Families Vow Lifelong Mission

Very well said!

The Patriot Perspective

First a bit about the parents, then the gun-control ideas they’re putting forth – because it’s important to look at those ideas by themselves.  It’s also important to note the difference between addressing the ideas, which I harshly criticize (gun control leads to tyranny large and small, not safety), as opposed to the parents themselves, who everyone can empathize with in their grief.  For all the empathy shared with the parents, the difficulty lies in the “solutions” they are putting forward, and the people pushing them to those “solutions”.

From CBS:

Bill Sherlach: This is– this is a marathon. And you have to be prepared to run all 26 miles. This is not a sprint. That’s been the typical reaction. Get the legislation. Get it now. And then it– it fades. Time goes by. News cycles happen. Other headlines come up. Now when you take a multifaceted approach, and…

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