President Obama: A Soldier On A Mission and Supported By Potemkin Villages

Asylum Watch is onto something here.

Asylum Watch

Is Barack Obama inept? Is he too small for the job he holds? Is Obama an amateur as Bill Clinton once said during the 2008 primaries? Is he a nice guy who is in over his head as Mitt Romney often said? Barack Obama is none of those things. He is not a great intellect; that is for sure. What he is an ideologue. What he is a well trained soldier on mission. He has never hidden what his mission is. His mission is to fundamentally transform America. He is not and has never been interested in governing this once great nation. Conservatives make a mistake if they underestimate Barack Obama by judging him like any other President.

My good friend and proprietor of the great Spellchek blog did an excellent job of addressing this point in his post yesterday.

Anytime you misjudge an adversary, you are at a disadvantage…

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