This Reply To Karl Got Too Long…

Joe nails it. Yet again.

The Rio Norte Line

…so I made it a full post.

Here’s the real deal, Karl, and listen close because this is the root of your lunacy.

You claim that socialism/Marxism/communism is the route to fairness, equality and individual freedom through total democracy – but to achieve that, you have to force people to do things against their will, be things that they do not choose to be and eliminate any sense of security they might have through the elimination of private property.

I don’t know, that doesn’t sound like fairness, equality or freedom to me.

And please don’t be dumb enough to claim that these systems don’t force people into these situations because history and logic proves you wrong. How else can a centrally planned economy work? If there are a shortage of ditch diggers in New York, would the central authority not have to balance that by importing ditch diggers from Kansas…

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2 Responses to This Reply To Karl Got Too Long…

  1. Utah says:

    Except for the small fact that I wrote it…

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