The Central Bankers Take Insanity to a Whole New Level

Asylum Watch

Those who don’t believe that the world’s biggest banks run the world need to think again! The world’s biggest banks own the world’s biggest central banks: the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan. Of course, there is really only one central bank that counts and that would be the Federal Reserve. The heads of the ECB and the BOJ basically follow Ben Bernanke’s lead. It would appear that Bernanke, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that he is much smarter than anyone else. He has decided that the “free market” system isn’t good enough. He has decided that the central bankers should control the world’s economy (the global economy) rather than let the seven billion people who inhabit this planet to control the economy through their individual decisions on what to buy and what to sell. In other words, Mr. Bernanke does not believe in…

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