Alan Korwin on the Manchin-Toomey betrayal

Here’s a good discussion on the Gun Grabber Bill.

by Claire  Wolf via Backwoods Home Magazine

Alan Korwin is something I’m very much not: an expert on gun laws and someone who actually reads the wretched bills (an act I consider akin to diving into Charles Schumer’s septic tank, but somebody has to do it).

He just sent around his take on Manchin-Toomey & I think it’s a strong analysis. That, and a link to the latest text (which I’m actually attempting to read despite not having a hazmat suit or a gas mask), after the “more” link.

Everything that follows is from Alan, not me. The short version is: Yes, as you already knew, this is national gun registration and yes, Gottlieb’s “trinkets” and “sweeteners” don’t make up for the fact that you DO NOT surrender a right in order to gain illusory, revocable, government-granted privileges.

Manchin-Toomey Bill Is Gun Registration– Studied and Revealed Media chatter…

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