Doubletalk, Double Standards Are SOP For America’s Ruling Elites

Good essay.

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It is time to hold government accountable for mismanagement, misallocation of resources and mindless regulations that hurt our economy.

This article also appeared in the Washington Times on April 18, 2013.

Driessenprofile2By Paul Driessen ~Two-faced head statue

Americans must no longer ignore false realities and double standards that threaten our health and prosperity.

Private sector errors and transgressions generally affect limited numbers of people and ecological values, whereas government actions have far wider impacts, and regulators get away with misrepresentations and behavior that would ensure punishment for corporate executives.

Clinging to antiquated ideas or technologies in free markets will consign companies to oblivion. By contrast, blinding reality often has no effect on government programs, and cloaking policies in rhetoric like environmental protection, social justice, renewable energy or sustainable development can grant them nearly eternal bliss.

These truths are especially self-evident in two assertions that continue rationalizing government powers, programs, expenditures, and harm…

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