Blue For You-West, Texas

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Blue For You, West, Texas

Blue for you, West, TX DIGI by P. AsheDina, TMJ

I am up very late, or early.. I made this for the people in West, TX.   I have done everything I know to do to try to get West, TX on the radar.  But, I think that the media hates southern states and TX they despise more than any state. People are dead in TX and many not even recovered from the missile that hit the Texans-probably from the Monsanto-fascists and their private army; Blackwater.  


As I said, I have done everything, anything to push this into the media. Tagged, Twittered-put up every video I could find.  They have covered this story up, completely.. American People just ‘want them a Muslim’.  Meanwhile, the folks in West, TX have been terrorized by corporate terrorists.  Not even a ‘Boo’ from most ‘conservative’ websites and Christian blogs.  I can’t…

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    Thanks dear 😦

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