A Sad Day When Pravda Gets It And We Don’t

The Rio Norte Line

Here’s a little piece you might want to read:

Syria very hard a nut to crack for USA

For two years, the West has been trying to convince the international community that terrorists in Syria are not terrorists but fighters for freedom and democracy. Governments of the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been helping the rebels to conduct military operations against the Assad regime with no results. This made the West fight with Assad through economic methods.

Taken by itself, this piece doesn’t really mean anything.  But when you add it to the stories about Benghazi; the aftermath of the Boston bombing; Obama’s ties to CAIR; Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; CAIR’s ties to our “Main Stream Media;” the MSM’s ties to our government; Obama’s military aid to other countries that are allied and/or aligned with Al Qaeda; and much more that has been reported…

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