Thanks for the Great Recovery, Mr. President!

Here’s the real news on unemployment.

Asylum Watch

The biggest problem facing Americans for the last several years is the lack of jobs. Recent surveys have shown that most middle class Americans are worried about hanging on to what they have rather than striving to improve their lot in life. Young Americans are particularly concerned for their futures. But, our fearless leaders in Washington seem to think that the most important issues improving  the rights of gays, improving the rights of illegal immigrants, and reducing our First and Second Amendment rights.

Many times on this page I have talked about graph of workforce participation rate.

Graph of Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate

Since Obama took office, when the so-called recovery began, the workforce participation rate has fallen from 66.3% to 63.3%. That means, depending on which source you look at, that there are between five and six million fewer Americans working today than when the recovery supposedly began. Yet every month the media and the…

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