Recent Energy And Environmental News – May 13, 2013

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr. ~wind turbine

A fascinating technical study at concludes that turbines have adverse consequences to grid stability. For example:

“wind turbines do not only transfer wind intermittency to the grid, but they also amplify it… The data also shows that wind power intermittency does not only affect the output of individual turbines, as previous research has shown, but it also extends to entire wind farms, which has not been observed before.”

Watch this great (short) video about entitlement.

More reports about greed energy economics:

Court: Turbines Have Reduced Property Values

MLP: more BS about “leveling the playing field”

Renewable MLPs and REITs

Fix or repeal the PTC

Senator Stabenow and Representative Pompeo spar over PTC

Two submissions to the U.S. Tax Committee re PTC: here and here

Wind Industry Seeks another Extension of Tax Credit

Wind Industry sees Carbon Tax as Best Policy

$11 Million per…

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