An Interesting Parallel

The Liberty Zone

There’s this country… run by this government. The head of this government is singularly focused on centralizing his power. This leader acts like a patriot. He speaks of this country’s greatness and restoring it. He talks about transparency and prosecuting corruption. He talks about revitalizing economic growth.

But these are words, and they’re not quite reflective of reality.

The rich are allowed to prosper – as long as they support this leader and his policies – and prosper they do. Tremendously.

The government provides support – both financial and legal – both through government loans, development programs and manipulation of the legal system.

Corruption is endemic, but the leaders in the government claim they are fighting it.

However, any progress is only superficial, and cronyism rules the day. Every day.

Those endeavoring to combat corruption or expose the truth are persecuted by corrupt officials.

The media is intimidated and censored.

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