“Obamacare is Politicized Medicine?” an essay by A Conservative Teacher

Asylum Watch

Today’s Guest Saturday post comes to us from the excellent blogger A Conservative Teacher. From the title you may think this essay is about ObamaCare. It is in fact about freedom and the free market system. This article was originally published on Wednesday, May 23, 2013.


Obamacare is Politicized Medicine?


When I was in college I had a fierce argument with my college professor over whether the United States should move towards any sort of “political economy.”

My professor was arguing that America should move towards a political economy, which according to him was a ‘free market’ economy that would serve the goals of politicians. In his opinion, the purpose and function of an economy is to help society to deal with political and governmental issues- that the market’s purpose was to serve the government and that such an economy could be described as a ‘political economy.’…

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